Saturday, August 9, 2014

Convenience Store Shelving

 ESSI has been working with Convenience Store owners for many years providing shelving and many types of wire displays seen in most Shell, Exxon, Mobile, and Chevron Stores today.

The most typical display in any Convenience Store is what as known as Gondola Shelving available in either a double sided configuration or a single sided configuration.  Both configurations are assembled using the same components such as an upright, base shelf, spanners, and what are known as base shoes. This makes all of the gondola components interchangeable.  Typically a single sided Gondola is used up against a wall and a double sided Gondola is more of an island display.

Available in many colors and styles Convenience Store Shelving can meet most any design application in any store with many matching colors and patterns.

Many accessories are also available for items available at a Convenience Store such as Candy, Chips, Soda, and more. These accessories have the ability to mount directly on the sturdy uprights of the Gondola Shelving units.

What makes Gondola Shelving so popular amongst Convenience Store owners is it's strength and durability.  All of the structural components are comprised of wood and mostly steel.  What provides the strength and durability is how the base shoes connect to the uprights.  In this configuration Convenience Store Shelving has been known to hold up to 300 to 500 pounds of evenly distributed weight.

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